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Get out of town

Tomorrow marks the first day of our first family vacation! We will be packing the car and heading to the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation. A long time ago before my bambina was involved, I didn’t believe in family vacation (in that, I didn’t really think babies and vacation went together … I am still not sure about this theory). Now I can’t get in the car fast enough to drive a few hours south to the sand and sea.
Truth be told, my husband and I haven’t been anywhere together since our honeymoon! That whole, “travel before kids” thing didn’t happen for us. We don’t vacation well in terms of planning and executing an actual escape away, which is ironic because I live in a constant state of bon-voyage. Whether it was money, pregnancy No. 1 or pregnancy No. 2, we always found a reason to stay put. Thank goodness we are finally getting some time together this weekend. It’s only a handful of days, but we are believing this time will be life-giving and fruitful. Our relationship needs it!
My husband goes to work very early, so he has requested we hit the road at 5 a.m. (which is a cakewalk to him) and arrive in Florida early enough to have lunch somewhere on the water. Sign me up! Our daughter does well in the car, so a large coffee and a decent playlist is all I will need to roll out of bed and be a happy passenger. Hopefully she stays snoozing, and we all get to experience a peaceful beginning to our vacation.
My only “complaint” surrounding this gift, if this counts, is the lack of personal prep I get to do this go-round. I was overly ambitious in thinking I would get a pedicure, a spray tan, a haircut and a wax all before leaving. Take a guess how many of my plans actually came to fruition … yep, zero! As it turns out, a baby can’t attend most of those errands, so alas, I am making due at home. Poor Matt is on self-tanner duty, and I am definitely large and in charge at this point.
No matter my personal state, I can’t wait to stand on that shoreline with my husband and our daughter, just being together for the first time in too long. Everything in me craves togetherness and oneness with my family, and making these memories with them means the world.