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Week 36: Hello, my baby’s name is …

Lee and I settled on our boy and girl names weeks ago, but we decided to keep them under wraps until we have a baby to introduce as so-and-so, which has annoyed our friends and family members to no end. We thought zipping our lips would help us avoid any unwanted input, but we’ve found that isn’t really the case. Telling folks we have names, but we just aren’t sharing them right now, hasn’t stopped some people from letting us know what they think we should name our baby. But choosing a moniker for your mini is a very special thing, and—no offense to anyone—we kind of want to do it ourselves. (Even if my aunt has always adored the name Delilah or my dad has a name he never got to use because I happened to be a girl not a boy.)
Some of the speculation has been fun, though. I have a running group text with two of my best friends from college, and they thoroughly enjoy trying to guess what our names are. Based on my very vague hints (like we wanted a name with a cute nickname, or we didn’t want anything too popular/too out there), they’ve come up with some interesting possibilities, including Aurora, Tanner, Wednesday, Rex, Ignacio and Astyanax. But they haven’t guessed THE ONES yet, which is kind of surprising … mostly just because they’ve guessed A LOT.
Funnily enough, the only other person who knows both of our names is a random waiter at the restaurant where Lee and I recently celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. He asked us, and we figured, Why not? He doesn’t know us or anyone else who knows us. (At least, we don’t think he does.)
I was genuinely surprised how much of a thrill I got from saying the names aloud to someone other than Lee. It felt so strange to hear them roll off my tongue in the middle of a busy dining room, when normally Lee and I say them quietly to each other while riding in the car or lying in bed. As soon as I said them, I couldn’t help but think, One of these names will be the name we give our baby, the name we will say countless times a day, the name we’ll whisper goodnight to, the name we’ll someday shout out the back door when it’s time for dinner. How crazy is that?
And, on the plus side, the waiter loved both of our choices.