After Sydney GP’s ‘prescription error’  ,Baby Grace ‘drunk on reflux medication’
Jessica Brough suspected there was something wrong with her six-week-old daughter Grace when the baby refused to wake up at feeding time. Grace could not be roused from her sleep, not even when Miss Brough picked her up and touched her cheek and neck gently with a small piece of... Read more
The breastfeeding photo that tells it everything
Breastfeeding isn’t always as easy as it seems. And Ashley Rockhill, a mum from America, discovered that for herself after giving birth to her baby boy, Ace. “After two days of attempting to get him to latch on and multiple times of squeezing out what colostrum I could get... Read more
Some myths about breastfeeding toddlers
When I breastfed our first two babies, I wasn’t aware of the benefits of breastfeeding older babies or toddlers. I simply kept on breastfeeding them because it felt right. In fact, breastfeeding was an integral part of my relationship with my five kids – and wasn’t just about ‘food’.... Read more
Newborn babies in cardboard boxes in Venezuelan hospital
With each passing day the world learns something new and horrifying about the slow, steady economic decline and implosion of socialist Venezuela, but its leader, Nicolas Maduro, remains committed to the “revolution” that is destroying that once-vibrant South American oil producer. Now, as reported by CNN, pictures released recently by... Read more
Baby massage: why you should try it, and how to begin
The art of baby massage has been practised around the world for thousands of years. While the benefits of baby or infant massage were intuitively known, recent research has now confirmed what many parents knew all along – that baby massage is indeed good for both parent and child.... Read more