Mum organises ‘nurse-in’ not breastfeeding in public protest at IKEA
It’s difficult to believe than in 2017 mums are still receiving flak for breastfeeding in public. And yet that’s exactly what Florida mother Amanda McLaughlin claims happened to her in IKEA. The mum-of-two’s unsettling experience prompted her to organize a “nurse in” in protest. In a post to Facebook,... Read more
Separation surgery for boy born with five thumbs
Kyrie Carter’s father dreams of his “little man” dribbling a basketball effortlessly someday. “He’s going to play every sport!” Harold Carter proclaims with excitement of his young son’s future. At 16 months old, Kyrie already has a good handle of a basketball, his family says – despite being born... Read more
How does the same sex couple share the joy of breastfeeding their baby
It’s a rare couple that can say they have both breastfed their baby. But for one couple, from Melbourne, it’s part of every day life. Now Claire Eden-McIlroy, 29, and Steph Eden-McIlroy, 26, have shared some beautiful images of them taking turns to breastfeed their four-week-old daughter, LJ. Claire said... Read more
These little girls re-enact this year’s Best Picture nominees
The Best Picture contenders for the 2017 Academy Awards had audiences feeling a wide range of emotions: tears, tensions and maybe even the urge to dance. But they didn’t exactly leave viewers saying “aw!” Until now. Sure, “Manchester By the Sea” is a complete tearjerker on the big screen,... Read more
The Instagram account celebrating fatherhood: ‘I don’t babysit. I parent.’
It’s the Instagram account celebrating fatherhood in all its various facets – the love, the joy, the mess,and every little thing in between. Don’t Forget Dads has quickly amassed 117,000 followers – and it’s not hard to see why. Featuring the tagline “I don’t babysit. I parent,” the photos... Read more
Good news for children born to older mothers in life
According to new research, in good news for mums having kids later in life,children born to older mothers today are more likely to perform better in tests of cognitive ability compared to 40 years ago. The findings, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, reflect the different characteristics of... Read more
Model is “still” breastfeeding her two year old girl
When British model and TV personality Tamara Ecclestone shared a beautiful photograph of herself breastfeeding her two-year old daughter Sophia, she intended to promote breastfeeding as a “powerful demonstration of love and nurturing.” “It has become so normal to hide. I want to take that normal and toss it,”... Read more
Heartbroken mum urges all parents to vaccinate
A bereaved mum has taken to Reddit urging parents to “please please please god vaccinate your kids.” The raw and emotional post from a mum using an anonymous account begins by explaining that she had been in a bad place when she discovered that she was pregnant, and had... Read more
Some myths about breastfeeding toddlers
When I breastfed our first two babies, I wasn’t aware of the benefits of breastfeeding older babies or toddlers. I simply kept on breastfeeding them because it felt right. In fact, breastfeeding was an integral part of my relationship with my five kids – and wasn’t just about ‘food’.... Read more
‘Love Baby’ born with super sweet birthmark,which is shaped like a love heart
New parents Ceyda and Murat Engin couldn’t believe their eyes when their baby Çınar was born with a distinctive red mark on his forehead. The birthmark, shaped like a love heart, made Çınar such a star in the delivery room that even the nurses took selfies with him. And... Read more