It is important to have the Frog Orange baby carrier to carry your baby in the water
Every parent has experienced the stress of taking a baby to the beach or pool. You really do need the eight arms of an octopus in order to carry all the paraphernalia, in addition to safely carrying your baby. A baby carrier is the obvious answer in this situation,... Read more
Toxic chemicals in makeup, plastics and other everyday products,which are harming unborn babies, damaging the brain and reducing IQs
Most consumers generally assume that products available on the market are proven to be safe. They believe that the government would not allow any product on the market that may be harmful to their health. Unluckily, this is not true. Many products sold today contain toxic ingredients with very... Read more
Zika is not a Threat to the Babies of the World
It’s been nearly nine months since the word “Zika” flashed like a lightning bolt in the headlines of mainstream news. Before January 1, 2016, Zika was just one of many viruses that public health officials monitored. But suddenly in January of this year everything changed, as a nearly harmless... Read more
It won‘t  Increase The Risk Of Choking by Baby Led Weaning
Baby led weaning is currently enjoying a surge in popularity as busy parents look for simple ways to feed their babies healthy diets. Unlike spoon feeding, baby led weaning leaves the babies in control. Finger foods are offered immediately and the baby is able to control what and how... Read more
How to encourage and improve your baby’s gross motor development skills
As adults we take a lot of our day-to-day movements for granted. But the way we use our bodies to get about, take care of our kids and exercise are all movements that are based on the gross motor skills we learned as babies. ‘Gross motor skills’ is an... Read more