Baby massage: why you should try it, and how to begin
The art of baby massage has been practised around the world for thousands of years. While the benefits of baby or infant massage were intuitively known, recent research has now confirmed what many parents knew all along – that baby massage is indeed good for both parent and child.... Read more
Baby tries broccoli for the first time and regrets it immediately
It’s probably fair to say that broccoli is an acquired taste. Some kids love it, and other kids … well, other kids think broccoli is something very terrible indeed. In a hilarious YouTube clip filmed by her dad, little Hazel proves that she falls into the second category. The... Read more
Will Formula Makers Be Able To Replicate Breastmilk?The answer is no.
From time to time, the media reports on various formula company funded research, highlighting new ingredients being put into formula and then claiming the formula is more like breastmilk. The latest report to hit the headlines is about a study which examined the effect of adding an oligosaccharide (prebiotic)... Read more
It won‘t  Increase The Risk Of Choking by Baby Led Weaning
Baby led weaning is currently enjoying a surge in popularity as busy parents look for simple ways to feed their babies healthy diets. Unlike spoon feeding, baby led weaning leaves the babies in control. Finger foods are offered immediately and the baby is able to control what and how... Read more
How to encourage and improve your baby’s gross motor development skills
As adults we take a lot of our day-to-day movements for granted. But the way we use our bodies to get about, take care of our kids and exercise are all movements that are based on the gross motor skills we learned as babies. ‘Gross motor skills’ is an... Read more
You Will Get the Grease out of Your Mom Hair!
I don’t know about you, but my “mom hair” is gross sometimes. Since having my daughter I have let my hair grow to a crazy length (like, tilt my head back and it touches my butt, long). Maybe because it’s easy to put it up in a pony and... Read more
How To Adjust Your Baby To Daylight Savings Time Sleep
Coming up fast is the end of Daylight Savings Time on November 6, where we will be falling back an hour,and all the people who aren’t parents will rejoice in unison as they will get an extra hour of sleep. For the rest of us, the babies and kiddos will be... Read more
The Teething Symptoms
Some babies seem to sail through the whole teething phase whereas others seem to suffer terribly. Teething pain is caused by movement in the developing jaw bone as the new teeth ease their way through your baby’s gums. Not all teeth will cause your baby discomfort and pain as... Read more
The Baby Reflexes

The Baby Reflexes

HealthBaby October 12, 2016

.When the doctor comes to check your baby’s reflexes, he will check that the baby: image: Sucks on a finger that is put in his/her mouth – the sucking reflex image: Turns his head and opens his mouth as if to feed when his cheek is stroked... Read more
Your Baby & Music
When it comes to our children, we’re always looking at new ways to help them develop and grow both mentally and physically. In fairness, we all simply want to give them the best start possible in what can be a very challenging world to say the least. Children are... Read more