Over five years of trying – and then two babies in 10 months
A couple have given birth to two babies within 10 months after thinking it may be impossible for them to have children. Kimberley and Jason Smylie, from Kaiapoi in New Zealand, went through three attempts of IVF treatments over five years to become pregnant with heir eldest child, Jack. Jack was born prematurely... Read more
Stillbirth numbers on the rise:Wave of babies born in Japan with extra arms and legs due to Fukushima radiation…
Five years after the Fukushima nuclear accident, local residents are reporting a marked increase in serious birth defects, but due to an ongoing coverup by Japanese authorities, and a severe lack of scientific studies being performed, very little information on the subject is reaching the public. A February, 2016... Read more
Best And Useful Microwave Steam Steriliser
Designed for comfort and ease of use The microwave steam steriliser destroys potentially harmful bacteria by the sterilising action of steam – produced when water is heated to boiling point. No special cleaning agents required, and it doubles as a sterilisation container to be used with cold water and... Read more
Top Tips to Bulk Buy Pampers Wonder Week Successfully
After Pampers Wonder Week was so successful last year, Pampers have surpassed themselves this year with even more amazing savings for parents. From 31st March – 6th April, Pampers will be working with selected retailers across the UK to give parents a week of amazing deals and help babies get the good night sleep... Read more
The Milkin’ Cookies Review
Milkin’ Cookies sent me a bunch of cookies to give out at the Saratoga Baby Expo at my table in April. So many moms raved about them!! I may have snuck a few myself even though I’m not nursing. They were slightly moist and they didn’t crumble into a... Read more
I really like the red colour Chicco Today Travel System
We recently bought the Chicco Today Travel System, ready for the birth of our baby. Here is a photo of me with my baby bump, plus the baby’s older sister Sapphire and her teddy ‘Mrs Easter’ taking the stroller for a test drive ! The Chicco Travel System comprises of a... Read more