You do NOT leave a baby in a hotel room unattended,you had made a terrible error of judgement
A woman wrote anonymously recently to ask the internet whether she had made a terrible error of judgement. Her crime? Leaving her 11-month-old baby sleeping alone in a hotel room while she ate dinner with her husband downstairs in the hotel restaurant. The British mum shared her story on... Read more
Women experience incredible pressure as new mums than their own mothers did
It’s no secret that women experience incredible pressure as new mums, each decision – from feeding, to working/staying at home, to how we discipline our kids – scrutinised and judged. By everyone. Has this pressure increased over time or has it always existed? Do we feel more judged than... Read more
Fellow passenger comes to help and rescue of twin babies
It’s a situation that beggars belief. A woman booked places for her and her twin babies on an airline, but when she showed up airline staff took away her infant seat – then told her she couldn’t fly with two babies on her lap, so was asked to get... Read more
Separation surgery for boy born with five thumbs
Kyrie Carter’s father dreams of his “little man” dribbling a basketball effortlessly someday. “He’s going to play every sport!” Harold Carter proclaims with excitement of his young son’s future. At 16 months old, Kyrie already has a good handle of a basketball, his family says – despite being born... Read more
Grieving mum donates more than 100 litres of breast milk to sick babies
A grieving mother has continued to pump breast milk after her newborn son’s death, donating the milk to help other babies in need. Utah mum Nicura Thompson held her baby boy, Colton, as he died in her arms at just six weeks of age. “There are no words to... Read more
A baby girl born becomes the youngest person in the world to survive major abdominal surgery
A baby girl born at 23 weeks gestation is home in her parents’ arms, four months after becoming the youngest person in the world to survive major abdominal surgery. When she entered the world in October 2016, Abiageal Peters weighed a tiny 609g. Her mother, Louise, 32, had gone into labour four... Read more
Young mum says her baby saved her life by finding her breast cancer
A 26-year-old mum has credited her baby boy with saving her life after his sudden refusal to breastfeed on one side, resulted in her being diagnosed with breast cancer. Sarah Boyle, of Staffordshire, UK, told BBC News that when her son, Teddy, was six months old, he “became very... Read more
Mum’s honest comparison between Social Media and  Real Life
A mother’s candid post about life with her baby is exposing the truth behind the way parenting is often portrayed on social media – filtered to perfection – and what’s it’s really like. Blogger Shannon Peterson, of Much.Most.Darling, was having a rough day. And, instead of hiding it, she... Read more
Good news for children born to older mothers in life
According to new research, in good news for mums having kids later in life,children born to older mothers today are more likely to perform better in tests of cognitive ability compared to 40 years ago. The findings, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, reflect the different characteristics of... Read more
This adorable photo of twins huging newborn twin siblings will make you happy
Just try not to clutch your ovaries when you look at this adorable photo of two-year-old twins, Nico and Siena, cuddling their newborn – and also twin – siblings, Gia and Gemma. Mum, Juliet Cannici, the talented woman behind West on Jade Photography, posted the photo of her four... Read more