Mum writes emotional love letter to her breastpump
How did you feel when the time came to pack away your breast pump? Were you relieved? Sad that a special part of your journey was over? Downright euphoric? For Aela Mass, one of the mums behind the blog, Two Moms Make a Right, the experience of saying goodbye to her... Read more
Nursery products are related to the rise in infant injuries
Injuries associated with common nursery products, including baby carriers and strollers, are on the rise in the US. Research published this week in the journal Pediatrics highlighted that between 2003 and 2011 there was a 23.7 per cent increase in injuries to kids under three, attributed to common products... Read more
Little Snuggler Nano Preemie has been designed for premature babies
Most parents don’t need to give too much thought to nappies. But for parents of premature babies, finding a nappy that meets their baby’s requirements can be a huge challenge. And the problem isn’t just size – the nappy also needs to be gentle on their developing, very delicate... Read more
The pram with golden wings for your little angel
The new Cybex Priam with gold wings is one way to give your baby wings early in life, and it’s the latest elite pram release to hit Australia. It’s owned by the likes of Nicky Hilton, with Moschino Creative Director, Jeremy Scott collaborating with Cybex to design this very... Read more
The ‘smelly, ugly mould’ is  your child’s favourite chew toy
Sophie the Giraffe has been a firm favourite for well over 50 years. But while the iconic baby toy conjures up images of a happy early childhood, the rubber toy has been hitting headlines for a very unwholesome reason: mould. A recent Facebook post from Lewis’s Legacy Little Lives... Read more
Here’s a guide to a few of my favorite sleep products for babies and toddlers
As a sleep coach, I get asked all the time by parents about all the different sleep products on the market. What is safe? What is junk? What can you not live without? Here’s a guide to a few of my favorite sleep products for babies and toddlers. Favorite Products... Read more
One fifth Baby Bottles Fail Measuring Standards Because Of The Inaccurate Markings
When babies are not fed breast milk, infant formula is recommended for the first twelve months of life. Parents who bottle feed need to carefully follow manufacturer’s directions in the preparation of formula, measuring both powder and water to ensure the correct volume is achieved. Even using product scoops... Read more
Just Born: Safe Sleep Products
A few weeks ago I was sent a couple of swaddles from Just Born. They’re a fairly new company, but I have to say they do make a great swaddle and sleep sack. I was sent two products to test out, the Deluxe Swaddle and the Wear-A-Blanket. Let’s start... Read more
Dr. Brown’s Chicco NaturalFit Bottles
There’s no real reason for this except that we registered for them with our first baby, got them, they worked, and so we stuck with them. With our first three children we used Dr. Brown’s bottles exclusively. There are so many bottles on the market, I find it overwhelming... Read more
The stylish and eco-friendly Bonsai Book Caddy from InModern’s Ecotots
Reading is definitely my number one favorite pastime—very few things make me happier than curling up on the couch with a good book. Every room in my house has an overloaded bookshelf (with the exception of the bathrooms, of course), and I find myself cruising the aisles of Barnes... Read more