The study shows that you can never hold your baby too much
From the world of super obvious science comes the news that you can never hold your baby too much. Sure, sometimes when you’re up for the eleventh time that night, it can feel like there is such a thing as “too much”, but most of the time, holding a... Read more
All parents will face 5 classic nappy changing scenarios
How hard can it be, you think? Changing nappies is for babies … quite literally. Even the most uncoordinated amongst us can manage that, can’t we? Um, wrong. SEE ALSO Diners outraged as toddler uses potty in the middle of a pub Huggies creates teeny tiny nappies for premature... Read more
Oliver had a personal Instagram account boasting a small but enthusiastic fan base
In hindsight, the parenting proclamations we make before having kids are often amusing. Pre-baby, my husband and I had in-depth discussions about sleep schedules, discipline and diet. We also decided, based on privacy concerns and a mutual distaste for baby name hashtags, to avoid posting photographs of our son... Read more
There’re the donuts and avocados smash photo shoots
We’ve already shown you the genius of baby Stella Ogden and her taco smash photo shoot. Now the same photographer, Lyndsey’s PhotoCo, has done it again – this time with donuts and avocados. Yes, avocados. Getting creative with food for a baby’s first year photos is something Lyndsey excels... Read more
Let your kids play the latest Fisher-Price toys
Nobody knows more about engaging kids through play than Fisher-Price, because they’ve been putting their toys to the test with kids (and parents) since 1961 – ensuring their toys encourage imagination while helping children develop new skills. In an Australian first, Fisher-Price is setting up the Play Lab where... Read more
Young mum says her baby saved her life by finding her breast cancer
A 26-year-old mum has credited her baby boy with saving her life after his sudden refusal to breastfeed on one side, resulted in her being diagnosed with breast cancer. Sarah Boyle, of Staffordshire, UK, told BBC News that when her son, Teddy, was six months old, he “became very... Read more
When every baby clothes ‘first’ becomes a ‘last’
Sorting through my youngest son’s baby clothes at the weekend, I felt a wave of sadness. It was hard to remember when these teeny tiny clothes had fit. It feels like a lifetime ago, even though it’s only been a year. Had he ever really been small enough that... Read more
Heartbroken mum urges all parents to vaccinate
A bereaved mum has taken to Reddit urging parents to “please please please god vaccinate your kids.” The raw and emotional post from a mum using an anonymous account begins by explaining that she had been in a bad place when she discovered that she was pregnant, and had... Read more
Wonder Week 12 Is The World of Smooth Transitions
Wonder Week 12 but another important milestone for your baby. About twelve weeks after his due date, your baby will see a whole new world. Leap 3 introduces your baby’s brain to the World of Smooth Transitions. These are your baby’s responses to big changes, and they happen around each... Read more
What is  ‘baby talk’ and why is good for your baby
People often tell new parents to avoid sing-song “baby talk” with their new addition to the family because it will slow the child’s language development. But evidence shows it does the opposite; baby talk plays an important role in development and babies prefer it to other types of speech.... Read more