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7 Things to Do When You Go Past Your Due Date

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Depending on your personality and/or situation, going past your due date can be arduous or pretty damn convenient. For instance, if you’re a planner and have had every onesie washed, dried and folded since week 30, every day you go past can feel like an eternity. On the flip side though, if you fall into the more disorganized, last-minute camp, a few extra days can feel like a godsend. Either way, there’s always something to do when you go past that magical date on your calendar.

Wondering what to do with yourself once you pass your due date? The possibilities are (almost) endless! Never again will you be granted time like this, ladies. Use it wisely.

1. Relaaax. If everything is done and you’re as prepared as you’re ever going to be, sit back, relax and enjoy this time. Of course with all the nerves, excitement and anxiety swirling around inside of you, it may be easier said than done, but very few moments in time will ever be like this one. You’re on the brink of welcoming a new person into your family. How cool is that?! (Also, to be truthful, said new person is going to make you very exhausted initially, so rest up.)

2. Straight panic. If your personality is on the Type A side and you’ve had things done for weeks, there’s a good chance extra time won’t sit well with you. So do what you do best: Panic and worry about every little thing even though you know it’s going to be okay. May not be the best use of your time, but hey: It’s what you do.

3. Reorganize and re-nest. For planners, idle time isn’t a good thing, so go ahead — indulge your OCD side and refold and reorganize everything you have going on in your baby’s nursery. Hey, who wanted a color-coordinated closet and diapers that were arranged from newborn to six months anyway? (Okay, fine, you did, but you really just need something to do.)

4. Do everything you should already have done in an afternoon. Some take their time and get their home ready for baby over the course of a few months. Others do it at Target in an afternoon once their due date has passed. If this is you and you have nothing done, you need to get everything done!  Going past your due date is a huge blessing for someone who never got around to picking up the things they need or doing the things they should’ve already done. If you find yourself with a few extra days before baby — and you haven’t as much bought a pack of swaddling blankets, make haste, mama! Little one isn’t going to stay in forever.

5. Go on a spur-of-the-moment date. Real talk: “Spur-of-the-moment” and even “date” aren’t going to be part of your vernacular once baby enters the picture. So no time like the present. If you don’t have kids already, head out for a fun, as-late-as-you-can-handle night with your significant other. If you do, hurry up and get a sitter. Finding someone who’s willing to watch one or two kids instead of two or three is so much easier.

6. Get a massage/pedicure/wax/whatever. Despite all the articles you’ve read during your pregnancy that told you to take care of and focus on yourself, there’s a good chance you didn’t (especially if you work and/or have kids). Do it now! Because again, getting to the salon is going to be much trickier when you have a baby at home. And trust me: Bringing baby to the salon isn’t nearly as relaxing.

7. Spend a day (or a few hours) completely alone, doing something you want to do. Fact is, when it comes to “me time,” moms are woefully understocked. There’s someone always tugging on your legs, asking for something! If you can, take a few hours to do something just for yourself (and something that has nothing to do with baby, family or home). See that movie you’ve been dying to see, have lunch at your favorite restaurant, check out a museum you haven’t been to in a while — you’ll be so happy you took the time to nourish yourself in such a way once baby arrives.  

Written by Nicole Fabian-WeberNicole Fabian-Weber lives outside New York City with her husband and three children. Her work has appeared on dozens of websites, including Parents, Livestrong, Romper, Shape, Redbook and Cosmopolitan. She loves yoga, travel, summer — and apparently clichés.