What’s Your Favorite Pregnancy Mocktail?

1. Moscow Mama 

“Club soda, ginger beer, lime juice and mint leaves. Delicious! Plus, mint and ginger are good for nausea!” – ecameron87 

2. Sunrise Spritzer 

“Grapefruit flavored seltzer, orange and cranberry juice with muddled fruit.” – fairyq762

3. Mama-ritaville 

“Non-alcoholic margarita mix, strawberries, ice and a splash of club soda in a blender. Even my hubby loved it!” – acc5115

4. Sober Sangria 

“White grape juice, seltzer, and frozen berries. Perfect for summertime!” – breezy1215 

5. Vir-Gin and Tonic 

“Mineral water with a splash of grapefruit juice and a squeezed lime wedge.” – sammyalice 

How are you filling your faux-garita glass? 

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