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A healthy browmance

All relationships take work, and our eyebrows are no exception. Umbreen Sheikh, founder of Wink Brow Bar in New York shares her tips for keeping very angry caterpillars at bay.

A fine line
Have a brow specialist at your favorite cosmetics counter measure your natural brow, which will act as your guideline to maintaining the shape.
Hands off
Put down the tweezers! Once the shape has been defined, follow it to fill in and extend the natural lines. If stray hairs fall within the natural line, don’t pluck—they belong there.

Thickening agent
For a bolder brow, use a powder instead of a pencil to create a shadow behind the hairs.
Hold me down
Finish off with a brow wax that acts as a hairspray for all-day upkeep. The wax pushes hairs closer to the skin, resulting in fuller- looking arches.