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Week 25: Holy hot!

You guys. It’s hot outside. Have you noticed?  I don’t think I’ve mentioned the temperature yet. It’s hot outside. No really … it’s scorching.

We had a busy week visiting my in-laws out in the Permian Basin in Texas. (Friday Night Lights, anyone?) This trip is our once-a-year trek out to no-man’s-land, and it always falls on the second weekend in July. 

See: Dirt devils and actual tumbleweeds blowing across my farmer father-in-law’s cotton field in 110 degree temperatures.

See also: Kate crying and hiding in the air-conditioned living room. 

My husband is a musician, as is his father, and every year they play the two-steppin’, waltz-glidin’ Saturday night Dance-with-a-capital “D” that falls on the town’s reunion weekend. All the ’10s classes meet, catch up, and ride on floats in the Saturday morning parade. It’s as close to the 1950s as you can find. My brother-in-law’s 20th reunion was this year, but I was heartbroken to see that he is too cool to ride on the class float. I was all ready to take blackmail worthy pictures! Oh well. I guess I’ll try again in another 10 years. 

My parents were driving home from a week in Arizona, so they timed their trip to where they could hang out with us while we were in west Texas, and my mother got to feel baby kick for the first time!
I’ve noticed that he has started to react to different touches. For example, my mother has the coldest hands you’ve ever felt, even in 110 degree weather. Baby was kicking up a storm, and the second my mom put her hand on my belly, baby shot to the other side of my womb away from that cold touch! She ended up having to sit on her hands for 10 minutes to warm them up enough for him to stay still. We had a great laugh about it, and she was overjoyed to feel her grandson kick for the first time. 

In the World of the Weird here in Dallas, we celebrated Frida Kahlo’s 110th birthday by attempting to break the Guinness world record for most Frida lookalikes in one place! A group of us went, Frida’d it up, then wandered around downtown Dallas in search of tacos at 10 p.m. It was a blast, and close 5,000 Fridas showed up!