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Chicco Polly Progress Relax Highchair

When we were looking to register for our baby shower, we didn’t even consider adding a highchair. My thought process was we wouldn’t need or even use one until the baby was older. However, my more experienced mom friends recommended I reconsider and helped to change my school of thought by recommending I look into highchairs that can grow with the baby. This is when we found the Chicco Polly Progress Relax Highchair, a 5-in-1 multichair. This incredibly versatile highchair can be used from the newborn stage all the way through toddler age.
The highchair arrived in a very large box and in multiple pieces. My husband, who is quite handy, was able to put the highchair together without even reading the directions. (Don’t worry, I went back through the whole setup process and made sure it was put together correctly!) We found that the chair can be set in multiple positions: the infant highchair has four different recline settings, the height has eight different adjustable positions and the footrest can be adjusted to three different positions. The chair can also be lifted off the base and attached to a freestanding chair for use as a booster seat.
While all of these features were exciting, I had concerns that with so many moveable parts, it would impact the sturdiness of the chair. I needn’t have worried, though, because I was pleasantly surprised to find that once the chair was in the desired position, it appeared to be fairly sturdy.
One thing that was a concern while putting it together was the front wheels do not pivot; only the back wheels do. While it moved from our hard wood floors and over carpet without issue, turning the chair was a little cumbersome.
One of the best things about the chair was that it came with a toy bar, which can be easily removed. We are a family who still eats dinner at the table together every night with our 13-year old son. The highchair in the newborn position with the toy bar will allow our new baby to be at the table with us and entertained while we eat. The five-point harness also ensures her safety while in the seat.
The seat padding is easily removable for spot cleaning, per the manufacturer guidelines, although bleach spray or wipes are not recommended. The removable tray was much larger than we had anticipated. The tray has the ability to have the clear plastic top removed for easy cleaning, which for our Italian family who consumes spaghetti on a regular basis will be vital as she gets older. The tray can also be stored on the back of the chair when not in use.
Overall, we were happy we found a chair that is so versatile and can be used now and in the future. The ability to have the chair in a reclining position for our newborn, but easily convert it into a highchair and then into a booster seat, will allow our new addition to join our family mealtimes for years to come.
Price: $230