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Hats off

Skipping that ubiquitous pink-and-blue striped cap could be a boon for both you and your brand-new bundle.

Saved by the smell
Moms and babes are biologically programmed to recognize each other by their scents, but if you’re nuzzling your nose into a freshly laundered hat, your olfactory senses aren’t getting a whiff of what they need. When you inhale that dreamy newborn smell, it triggers a rush of oxytocin, “the love hormone,” which promotes bonding and causes your uterus to contract, helping expel the placenta and constricting blood vessels to decrease the likelihood of postpartum hemorrhage.

Warm up to the idea
You kept your bun toasty in your oven for nine months, and you can continue to help regulate her temperature even after she’s born by snuggling skin to skin. You’re so effective at keeping her comfortable, in fact, that there’s no need to fear she’ll be chilly without a topper on her noggin.