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Week 24: Happy terrified-dogs day!

It’s Independence Day celebration time! I don’t know about your neighborhood, but these fireworks have been going since Saturday and have no signs of stopping. We may have a firework ordinance, but the city doesn’t seem to be too strict on enforcing it.
Pregnancy has caused a severe case of insomnia for me over the last few months, so if you add in a week’s worth of fireworks, a few thunderstorms, and a weenie for a Border Collie/Lab, then you’ve got one grumpy mama. If he could crawl into my womb with baby, he would have set up camp in there several days ago. We are one tired house!
My stepson has officially arrived for his month of summer with us, so we’re adjusting back into being a house of three (almost four!) for the next few weeks. We normally switch on and off with his momma throughout the week/month, so this summer schedule is much different than the norm.
He asks about 4,274 times a day if the baby is awake so he can feel his littlest brother moving around. It is seriously the cutest thing ever. He spends the other parts of the day FaceTime-ing his 2-year-old brother at his mom’s house, which is also the cutest thing ever!
I’m finally starting to look outwardly pregnant but only to our friends who already know that I’m pregnant. They all comment on how cute and baby-bumpy I am. I’m still fairly certain strangers just see a lady that ate too much Whataburger for lunch!
Last but not least, we finally got the baby’s room (practically) done! The restoration contractors we hired to do the majority of the work on the house installed the salvaged wood flooring we found (and despite it being over 100 years old) made it look brand spankin’ new! I’m in love. The second I was given the OK to walk around on the finished floor, I just went in and sat in the middle of the room for about 20 minutes. There’s some finishing touches we need to do, but I’m very happy with how it looks so far!
Happy Independence Week! I’m going to go cuddle the scaredy-dog some more.