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Baby steps

Ready to introduce your bitty babe to Mother Nature? Here are a few tips on how to get started.
Go for a walk. Buckle baby into the stroller or slip him into a carrier, and take a few laps around the neighborhood. If you’re hoping to break away from city life, try exploring a nearby trail. Along the way, be observant about what’s growing around you. It’s the perfect time to stop and smell the wildflowers or point out the great big trees. Pick up rocks and look closely at them. It’s a whole new world of sights, smells and textures.
Picnic at a local park. Spread out a blanket, and clock some tummy time in the fresh air. Let your little one crawl around and feel the grass. Being on uneven ground is great for an infant’s budding sense of balance.
Dig in the garden. Give your tot a safe place to hang out, whether it’s in a play yard or bouncer seat, while you tend to the garden. It’s the perfect way to show him—even at a very young age—that the purees he’s enjoying from his highchair don’t just come from the grocery store.
Bring the natural world inside. On days when you just can’t get outside, collect natural materials like rocks, dried leaves, flowers or sticks to inspire your kiddo. Crafting with natural objects is also a fun rainy day activity.