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The Review Of The Stokke MyCarrier

So I must say at first the Stokke MyCarrier is a little bit daunting. I received it for a few months and was able to try it with a friend’s baby when I was a little less pregnant :). There’s a ton of configurations with buckles, snaps, and hooks. All around though it’s a great carrier. I was also impressed that it an ergonomic carrier and you can also do a front facing carry. I hear from parents a lot that their baby hates their carrier because they can’t face outward. A big problem with some other carriers that face outward is the “crotch-dangling” controversy, but with the Stokke MyCarrier the baby sits in  a more “froggy-legs” position when they are front facing outwards. Another feature I love about this carrier is that when you are putting an older child on your back you load them in first and then put the carrier on, thus avoiding the dreaded hip shuffle. Here’s a video from Stokke showing off the MyCarrier. (warning: it is a little goofy in my opinion).

On their website Stokke also has a bunch of videos and guides to show you how to properly adjust the MyCarrier for each fit. Making it way less complicated than if you had to just figure it out yourself.

The Stokke MyCarrier works in the front facing inwards position from 7.7lbs/21in, in the front facing outwards position from around 4months of age (they need to have mastered their head control), and in the back carry when they can sit unaided and are at least 28in tall. The maximum weight limit for the carrier is 33lbs.

The Stokke MyCarrier retails for $219.99 and can be bought on their website. Please feel free to come check out the carrier and test it out at our store!

Stokke MyCarrier